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Abortion Services

Englewood Women's Services offers abortion services from very early gestation to 14 weeks from the last menstrual period. Part of our overall services includes an ultrasound and laboratory testing (vitals, blood work, and pregnancy testing). Every woman receives individual attention beginning with options counseling, detailed information on the procedures and time to discuss her feelings with a health care team member. A health care team member supports each woman during her procedure and recovery time.

Medical (Non-Surgical) Abortion - Medical abortion allows the woman to complete the procedure in the privacy of her home. The medication administered through either injection or ingestion. The secondary medication provided to the woman to administer at home. The scheduled follow-up visit confirms that the pregnancy has ended.

At Englewood Women's Services we offer the two types of non-surgical procedures, Mifepristone (Abortion Pill or RU486)/Misoprostol or Methoxrate/Misoprostol. Both methods are equally effective.

Surgical Abortion - Surgical procedures can be a simple and effective option up to 14.6 weeks. Surgical procedures administered using local anesthesia or conscious sedation; commonly referred to as "twilight sleep." The scheduled follow-up visit confirms that the woman is healing properly.